Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The ChandlerKBS statutory and regulatory team understand that in a regulated environment, a company’s financial responsibilities to its shareholders must also be recognised through its investments.

This requires proper considerations of the tax, accounting and regulatory implications of the work. Our specialist involvement together with effective data capture systems ensures that our clients benefit from:

  • Optimisation of regulatory returns
  • Pro-active preparation of investment plans
  • Optimisation of capital expenditure analysis

Our services cover the following areas:

Director General Reporting

  • Production of annual reporting tables
  • Tracking of physical outputs and analysis
  • Tracking of capital efficiencies

Unit Rate Cost Modelling

  • Review and critique of existing company models
  • Development of bespoke estimating models and systems
  • Pro-active development of cost models for future investment needs

Regulatory Strategy

  • Development of company investment and asset strategies
  • Interaction of submissions to the regulators and optimisation of investment outputs
  • Benchmarking and consistency reviews
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