Capital Allowances and Tax Depreciation

Maximise your investment yields. Capital Allowances can reduce your property expenditure by up to 21%, decrease your company's tax liability and increase company profits.

ChandlerKBS has had a dedicated team specialising in this area for over ten years and has prepared claims on new build, refurbishment and the sale and purchase of property worth over £15 billion. 

Plant and Machinery % Content

ChandlerKBS has experience in the following sectors:

  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Industrial, manufacturing and process plant
  • Infrastructure, manufacturing and process plans
  • Retail, leisure and hotels
  • Private Finance Initiatives
  • Lease Finance and sale and leaseback deals

ChandlerKBS is involved in all parts of the property life cycle and provides advice to investors, owners, funders and financial and legal advisors. By combining cost segregation skills, building technology, tax and accountancy, ChandlerKBS can fully maximise all allowances. 

Claim Methadology

The taxation team will undertake the following steps to maximise your claim:

  • Review of available allowances
  • Desktop review of potential savings
  • Proactive design advice (tax efficient design initiatives)
  • Scrutinise the legal, design and cost documentation
  • Distinguish and fully cost all qualifying assets
  • Liaise with all relevant consultants
  • Prepare the claim with full supporting documentation
  • Early negotiation and settlement with the Inland Revenue
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