South West Water


South West Water

About the project

ChandlerKBS has been awarded the framework commission to provide cost management and capital allowance services to South West Water for the duration of the Asset Management Period, AMP7, as a minimum.

ChandlerKBS works within the Strategic Client arm of the alliance structure to support both the client and the delivery team.

The role includes all aspects of cost management across the South West Water business streams from early feasibility estimating support, through the project cycle to final account close out and cost data analysis.  Contract and strategic support are provided as required.  A particular expertise has been in the development of unit cost models which are used at various stages of the business process in South West Water.  

ChandlerKBS has been the cost manager for the flagship Mayflower WTW, which is the first works in the UK to implement the patented SIX, ILCA, CeraMac process developed by PWN Technologies in Holland.