Coleraine to Londonderry Track Renewals Phase 1


Translink Northern Ireland Railways

About the project

This scheme represents a major element of the Translink Coleraine to Londonderry track renewals project, funded by a £50 million investment from the Department for Regional Development (DRD).

The works comprised 18km of single track relay and rehabilitation works including re-railing and rehabilitation of ballast and track renewal at the two end sections of the line between Coleraine and Castlerock and between Eglinton and Londonderry.

Approximately 5600 tonnes of new rail and 100,000 tonnes of ballast were incorporated into the works. Other works included the installation of new drainage and new ducting for signalling cables. The unique 11 span lifting bridge over the River Bann in Coleraine was completely refurbished and the two span River Pottagh Bridge was replaced.

ChandlerKBS services included cost management and procurement advice.