Project Management

Over the years construction projects have become increasingly complicated in terms of regulations, specialist installations and shortened design and construction periods, and the associated planning and organisational problems have followed this trend.

ChandlerKBS Project Managers can lead a project from the earliest feasibility study through to occupation and even maintenance of the finished scheme.

We can provide a single point of contact for our client and in doing so take full responsibility for delivering any project in the way that all clients demand; on time, to the required standard and within budget.

Our Project Managers act as an extension to our client's organisation, bringing our specialist expertise and allowing our clients to concentrate on their own business. We focus on our client's priorities and ensure that we deliver solutions that address those priorities.

Effective project management requires appropriate project control. Our Project Managers develop an environment and culture where all parties work towards a successful outcome. We will establish realistic targets and performance measures that ensure everyone involved clearly knows what is needed from them so that the scheme is a success. To help everybody involved to understand how their role impacts on others, we establish a clear management structure with well defined responsibilities.

Continuous improvement is important to everyone involved in complex schemes and our Project Managers always seek to create a collaborative environment where improvements can be effectively monitored and measured. By providing effective leadership, our Project Managers will ensure that the maximum value is built into every scheme.



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