Fund Monitoring

ChandlerKBS has extensive experience of monitoring projects on behalf of institutional investors, financers and private equity investors. Our role is to provide technical assistance throughout the life cycle of a transaction or investment from the initial feasibility/due diligence advice through to the repayment of the loan or sale of the investment.

Our fund monitoring services cover the following phases:

  • Initial feasibility
  • Design development phase
  • Construction phase
  • Post completion phase
  • Forensic services

We have experience of providing services through all phases as a project or investment develops, or alternatively we can assist with individual stages.

Our services include the financial and technical verification of scheme viability, verification and certification of cash flows and fund draw downs, risk identification and management, advice on warranties and bonds, and verification of progress towards scheme completion. We can also supply forensic services where projects have already experienced difficulties.

Our level of involvement in the scheme depends very much upon the nature of the parties involved and the complexity of the project. We would be pleased to tailor an independent monitoring service appropriate to your particular requirements.

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