Cost Management

ChandlerKBS offer a proactive cost management service regardless of the type and nature of a project or the procurement route. Whether the project is procured on a traditional basis or via a more innovative solution we have the experience, systems and processes to provide a fully integrated service.

Project Management

Over the years construction projects have become increasingly complicated in terms of regulations, specialist installations and shortened design and construction periods, and the associated planning and organisational problems have followed this trend.

Procurement Advice

ChandlerKBS takes pride in its ability to provide innovative procurement strategy advice to clients across all sectors.

Capital Allowances and Tax Depreciation

Maximise your investment yields. Capital Allowances can reduce your property expenditure by up to 21%, decrease your company's tax liability and increase company profits.

Dispute Resolution

ChandlerKBS has extensive knowledge and experience of all of the major standard forms of contract. We can give authoritative and expert advice in relation to all types of contract or quantum disputes.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The ChandlerKBS statutory and regulatory team understand that in a regulated environment, a company’s financial responsibilities to its shareholders must also be recognised through its investments.

Due Diligence Advice

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a single property / asset or an entire portfolio, ChandlerKBS is able to assist with the process via the provision of technical due diligence advice.

Fund Monitoring

ChandlerKBS has extensive experience of monitoring projects on behalf of institutional investors, financers and private equity investors. Our role is to provide technical assistance throughout the life cycle of a transaction or investment from the initial feasibility/due diligence advice through to the repayment of the loan or sale of the investment.

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